The Ansary Stem Cell Institute brings together a premier team of scientists to focus on stem cells, which are primitive, unspecialized cells with the capacity to form all types of cells, tissues, and organs in the body. The Ansary Institute takes a collaborative approach to stem cell research by bringing together scientists from varied areas of biomedical research. The Institute was established in 2004 with a generous gift from Mr. Hushang Ansary. Since then, the Institute garnered approximately $26-million in external funding, including support from the Starr Foundation Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Initiative and the Empire State Stem Cell Board (NYSTEM). Ansary Institute researchers have made groundbreaking discoveries that show significant promise for the future of regenerative medicine (marshalling the body's own resources to restore itself), the treatment of cardiovascular disease, and more. Recent notable Ansary Institute discoveries include clear steps toward the eventual clinical applicability of stem cells: identifying cells in adult mouse testes that can be converted to stem cells that in turn generate cardiac, vascular, and neuronal cell types; the unlimited expansion of blood-producing stem cell cultures, whereas previous best efforts would result in a colony of stem cells dying after a few days; and the unlimited generation of endothelial cells (the basic building blocks of the circulatory system) from human embryonic stem cells. The Ansary Institute intends to lead the way in stem cell science to relieve human suffering.